Franklin Knolls Pool Snack Shack Manager 2022 

Franklin Knolls Pool has a strong tradition of a well-managed Snack Shack offering a variety of snacks and refreshments serving a pool membership of over 400 families each summer. In order to maintain that tradition and to establish a protocol for the immediate and future management of the Snack Shack, the FK Pool Board is seeking management applications for the 2022 season. If you are appointed as the Snack Shack Manager, you will be eligible to manage the Snack Shack for a maximum of 2 total years. But, any manager would still be required to go through the application process the 2nd year. 

*All pool members age 16 and older are eligible to apply*  

Franklin Knolls Pool will provide the Snack Shack facility, maintenance of the facility, and equipment. The Snack Shack manager will staff the facility, stock the products, maintain all finances related to payroll and inventory, and have an awesome summer job to add to their resume. As with all pool contractors, the Snack Shack manager will also be required to give 10% of summer profit back to the pool to cover permits and utilities. 

Additional requirements for running the Snack Shack: 

  • Following all Health Department guidelines for COVID-19
  • Posting hours of operation
  • Offering a variety of refreshments, including for the conscientious consumer, at reasonable price
  • Opening and advertising staff positions to entire membership, 14 years or older 
  • Hiring a crew of no less than 5 positions 
  • Holding one charity event per season 
  • Meeting with the Franklin Knolls Board representative prior to the pool opening and report to the Board at the end of season 

 If you are interested in being considered for Snack Shack manager for the 2022 season, please complete the one page application by Monday, March 28th. Interviews will be conducted at the discretion of the Pool Board. 

Email your Snack Shack manager application to: Jen Reilly:, and include the subject “Snack Shack Manager.” Good luck!  



Franklin Knolls Pool Snack Shack Manager Application Summer 2022 



Name _________________________________________  


Email _________________________________________  


Phone _________________________________________  







Age (as of May 1st) _________  


Name of adult contact if you are under 18 ______________________________ 


Please tell us why you would like to manage the Snack Shack: 



List any prior experience that has prepared you for this position: 







List your basic staple items with proposed sale prices: 







Do you have any ideas for improvement with the Snack Shack this season? 






Please list your idea for a one day charity event at the Snack Shack: